The BLDC Manual is an evolving piece of work and becomes richer with each Course. The Manual is a culmination of the experience of BLDC Coure Directors, Facilitators, and participants and focuses on learning needs and priorities.


6.0 Communication

The Manual provides a basic introduction to each issue covered. However this may not be enough to enable you to answer all the questions that may arise during the Course. As part of your preparations, do some research and feel confident in your ability to answer participants’ potential questions.

The Manual has been divided into different volumes. Each volume has one broad subject with sub sections of the same. A volume may have more than one session, depending on the objectives. Many of the issues covered in the Manual are inter-related. While options are offered regarding the schedule of the program, consider changes dependent on participants’ needs. Also, if questions arise during the workshop that you cannot answer, admit that you do not have answers and ask participants for ways in which you can get the necessary information.


BLDC Flyer

BLDC Flyer

In keeping with ASPBAE's commitment to participatory learning, the course is designed to build on the experiences of participants and to be attentive to their learning needs and priorities.

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